Looking forward to meeting you. My name is Nancy and although I am originally from Puerto Rico, I was raised in New England. 

As the saying goes, "When you Love what you do, it doesn't feel like work." I combined my passion for helping others with my love for travel to create a business that allows me to do both. I have always enjoyed seeking out adventures both near and far, and now I am able to help others spread sunshine and create lasting memories all over the world.

In our family, we don’t share gifts, we share experiences, Each time we travel, that represents a new core memory that I get to cherish for far longer than any physical item and that’s exactly what I aim to offer our clients when consulting with them on choosing a destination. 

I truly believe that traveling is one of the Best Investments we can make, as it allows us to build memories with our loved ones that we will cherish forever. It brings us priceless moments of joy, laughter, and allows us to witness the awesomeness of nature in all its glory.

I am excited to help you explore and spread sunshine on your own travels.

 Nancy – 

IATAN & CLIA Accredited 🌻